Patella (Kneecap) Testing Scheme

The Miniature Pinscher Club has introduced a testing scheme for Patella Luxation (Slipping Kneecap) which is a condition which has been known to affect the breed.

The Miniature Pinscher to be tested should be taken to the vet of your choice who will check the details of the dog against it’s Kennel Club registration documents and confirm identification by microchip or tattoo.

Following examination of the dog using the Putnam (1968) Scoring System, the vet should complete and sign the form.

A copy of the completed form signed by the owner and the examining vet should be sent to the Club’s health co-ordinator as detailed on the Putnam Scoring System document. If the owner agrees, the result will be included in the list of tested Miniature Pinschers.

The Club’s aim is to have as many Miniature Pinschers as possible screened using the scheme but certainly, individual animals to be used in breeding programmes, should be tested prior to mating. The optimum age for testing is between 12 and 24 months but dogs can be tested from 12 months onwards with no upper age limit.

No anaesthesia or X-rays are required – just three essential but easy steps:

Have your dog micro-chipped or tattooed

Take your KC registration documents

Contact the Club secretary for a form or down load from the Club’s website.

Please take advantage of this scheme to enable us to maintain the health of our Miniature Pinschers.

Download PDF forms here to take to your vet (please note you will need to download both forms)

Patella Subluxation Testing Form Min Pin

Putnam_System-2 min pin

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