Please note we are still accepting application to join our judging list and updates.

We select all our judges for our open shows from our club lists, we are now actively supporting a number of open shows and again will be selecting judges from our club lists

If you wish to apply to join our judging list or to update your numbers please download the appropriate form below and return to the secretary please note our list is usually update once a year usually in June – however at the discretion of the panel we may hold additional meetings.

Judging Application 2022

Judging Experience Update 2022

We are happy to accept the forms via email – admin@miniaturepinshcer.co.uk or by post to the secretary at the address on the main page

For details of our judging criteria please see the form below – please note the changes for the criteria for the A3 list to bring it in line with the KC recommendation

Judging Criteria 2022

Please find copies of our current judging list below (updated June 2022)

A1 Judge list – Website

A2 Judge list – Website

A3 Judge list – Website

B Judge list – Website

C Judge list – Website

If you would like a full copy of our list please email the secretary at miniaturepinscherclub@gmail.com

As we start to transition to the new JCF system and you have any enquiries about mentoring can you contact the Breed Education Co-ordinator for Miniature Pinscher’s Katherine French at becminpin@outlook.com

The club will be making contact with all our judges on the A3 list and B list to discuss how we can support them to transition to the A2 list if they do not have a CC appointment before January 2022. If you would like to be supported to undertake an A2 assessment can you contact the club secretary at miniaturepinscherclub@gmail.com

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