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The puppy list is updated on a regular basis.  Members can have their litters listed please contact the club secretary.

The Miniature Pinscher Club recommend that puppies be purchased from a reputable breeder who will not charge an extortionate price for so called rare colour.

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You may wish to also visit the Kennel Club website or contact the club on miniaturepinscherclub@gmail.com for a list of members who are happy to receive puppy enquires and place you on their waiting list

Advice for purchasing a Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher Club and like other breed clubs has seen a huge influx of puppy enquiries during the Covid 19 pandemic. This is a concern to us because of the possible consequences when the current climate returns to some sort of normality , new owners will no longer have so much time on their hands and these puppies could end up being put up for sale again and could also have a detrimental effect on our Clubs Breed rescue by being overwhelmed with unwanted Min Pins . Under ‘Lucy’s Law’ the breeder of a puppy is the only person that can legally sell puppies under 6 mths old. Therefore, a person who is not the breeder will be breaking law if they try and sell to another party a puppy under this age.  

After researching the breed thoroughly and deciding the breed is definitely the dog for you, make contact with reputable breeders these can be found on Kennel Club Assured breeders’ website or the Miniature Pinscher Club contact the club at  miniaturepinscherclub@gmail.com for a list of members who are happy to receive puppy enquires and place you on their waiting list

A good tip here is to speak and visit breeders even if they do not have a litter at this time and see pins in a home environment. Ask lots of questions, what are they like to live with, good and bad traits of the breed. You may decide that actually they are not the breed for you and may find that a different breed would suit you better. Reputable breeders do not breed often and certainly not to fulfil demand. Be prepared to wait for the right puppy and ask to go on a waiting list if they have one.  As breeders we take having a litter very seriously, we are responsible for those puppies for the rest of their lives and will take back any dog at any point in their lifetime if owners circumstances change. We will also offer lifetime support and advice; we should always be your first port of call for any questions about your puppy and not public social media forums. If you are having to resort to these types of pages to seek information, then the breeders of your puppy would be questionable.

Kennel Club registration (papers) is not a stamp of a good breeder, it is a registry only that list sire, dams, grandsire’s, grandams and so on and the breeder has paid to have puppies registered with them.  Currently there are no compulsory health tests implemented by the Kennel Club for our breed. That’s not to say they don’t have health problems because like all breeds they do but generally a well-bred min pin should lead a long and healthy life.  Members of the Miniature Pinscher club will test all sire and dams before breeding for slipping patella (a condition that can be prevalent in toy breeds) under the Putman Scoring scheme. Any prospective new owner of a puppy should always ask the breeder if this test has been carried out on the parents and ask to see written evidence which must include details of the vet who carried out the procedure. You should be looking for 0:0 scores in Sire & Dam.  We as a club have seen a great reduction in dogs affected by slipping patella by carrying out this testing. Details about scoring can be found here  https://www.miniaturepinscher.co.uk/health/ you will also find a list of dogs that have been tested and their scores . You do not have to be a club member to download testing form your vet to carry out scoring and their results to be added to our database.

You should be expecting to pay between £1000 – £1500 for a well-bred puppy from health tested parents.  Current recognised colours by the Kennel Club are Black & Tan, Solid Red (all shades), Choc & Tan, Blue & Tan. Please do not be fooled by inflated prices for so called ‘Rare Colours’  they are not rare , these colours which carry the dilute gene can come along with health issues ‘colour coat alopecia’ which is not always apparent as puppies but can affect them as they mature, good breeders will avoid these colours because of the health implications.  ‘Merles’ are not a recognised colour (CNR) within the UK breed standard, to achieve this colouring a different breed will have been added in past lineage and again will also carry the dilute gene.  Black & Tan and Reds are most breeder’s preference.

Always view puppies with their mother in their home environment, never purchase puppies by photos only and over the internet. There has already been many scammers  taking advantage of lockdown and advertising non-existent litters on the internet and defrauding thousands of pounds off people who will never see the puppy that they have paid for as there wasn’t one in the first place. 

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