Northern Open Show 2017

Northern Open Show – Sunday 19th November
Full Results
Judge Mr J Reyes
Best in Show – Ch Tubize Hudson JW
Reserve Best in Show – Vardenais C’est Vrai
Best Puppy in Show – Vardenais Mischief Managed
Best Veteran – Keljantzi’s Quite Quackers
Best Dog – Ch Tubize Hudson JW
Res Best Dog – Dimogen Colin the Legend
Best Puppy Dog – Nightstorm Ticket to Ride
Best Veteran Dog – Keljantzi’s Quite Quackers
Minor Puppy Dog 1
1 – Park’s Rayjen Custard Pie
Puppy Dog 2
1 Baldwin’S Nightstorm Ticket to Ride
2 Harrison’S Rayjen Rumbaba at Trenson
Junior Dog 3 (1)
1 Park’s Rayjen Carrot Cake
2 Iverson’s Carive Bobert
Special Yearling Dog 3 (1)
1 Scott’s Kilmur Conversation Piece
2 Iverson’s Carive Bobert
Post Graduate Dog 1(1)
Limit Dog 4
1 Gentle’s Dimogen Colin the Legend
2 Park’s & Schneider’s Camalis Mr Magoo JW
3 Thomas’s Nightstorm Happy Cheshmere
Res Westerman’s Jackwest Mitch Abernathy
Open Dog 4
1 Smith’s Ch Tubize Hudson JW
2 French’s Wolfberg Riders on the Storm
3 Harrison’s Trenson Flumadiddle JW
Res Santoriello & Skelton’s Ch Pinicio Jelly Beanie JW ShCM
Veteran Dog 1
1 Wilkinson’s Keljantzi’s Quite Quackers
Best Bitch – Vardenais C’est Vrai
Res Best Bitch – Ch Krieger’s Bubble Butt JW
Best Puppy Bitch – Vardenais Mischief Managed
Best Veteran Bitch – Ch Carive Polly Pocket
Minor Puppy Bitch 3
1 Santoriello Collypins Tell Tallulah for Pinicio
2 Stracey’s Krieger’S Dark n’ Delicious
3 Wherry’s Alcum Kraken
Puppy Bitch 1
1 Coull’s Vardenais Mischief Managed
Junior Bitch 2 (1)
1 Vardenais Definitely Red
Special Yearling Bitch 3
1 Thomas Tubize Broadway
2 Mclean & Anderson’s Kilmur Crazy for you
3 Wherry’S Alcum Tutti Frutti
Post Graduate Bitch 5 (4)
1 French’s Tubize Liberty with Wolfberg
2 Thomas Hawksflight Dare to Paint
3 Reddington’s Carrive Dash of Class
4 Westerman’s Carive Rita Queen of Speed
Limit Bitch 5 (2)
1 Coull’s Vardenais C’est Vrai
2 Chapman’s Carive Black is back at Vickstock JW ShCM
3 Gentle’s Dimogen Queen of the Thames
Open Bitch 6 (3)
1 Stracey’s Ch Krieger’S Bubble Butt JW
2 Chapman’S Carive Black is Back at Vickstock JW ShCM
3 Wilkinson’S Ch Jaycroft Jessie Jay with Keljantzi’s JW
Veteran Bitch 2
1 Iverson’s Ch Carive Polly Pocket JW ShCM
2 French’S Ch Keljantzi’s Quick Asa Flash
Brace 4 (1)
1. Harrison
2. Iverson
3. French
Tiara Memorial Open Stakes 13
1. Stracey’s Ch Kreiger’s Bubble Butt JW
2. Gentle’s Dimogen Colin the Legend
3. McLean & Anderson’s Kilmur Crazy for you
Res. Baldwin’s Nightstorm Ticket to Ride
VHC. Wilkinson’s Ch Jaycroft Jessie Jay with Keljantzi’s JW

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